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AppGate Classic Software Downloads

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AppGate Classic 11.3 LTS (2017-10-09)



Release notes

Server manual

User Guide


Server Software

Server software requires a valid software subscription and access in to the Cryptzone portal to download.

Client Software

Client Software can be downloaded from the links below, you are not required to have access to the Cryptzone portal but you need a valid subscription.


Operating system requirements are Windows 7SP1 or later. The windows bundle file contains:
  • client
  • console
  • hostsfile writer
  • iptunneling driver
  • Windows multi user daemon
  • check.exe

Operating system requirement for the Windows multi user daemon is from Windows 2008R2 or later.


Operating system requirements are OSX 10.10.5 or later. The macosx bundle file contains:
  • client
  • console
  • iptunneling driver
  • local forwarder


Operating system requirements are at least kernel version 2.4 and from glibc-2.7, 32bit and 64bit. The Linux bundle file contains:
  • client
  • console
  • iptunneling driver
  • linux multi user daemon
  • aglock 32bit
  • aglock 64bit
Operating system requirement for the Linux multi user daemon is kernel version from 2.4 and from glibc-2.7, 32bit and 64bit.

Citrix and Terminal Server Module for Windows (requires subscription)

Operating system requirements are Windows 2008R2 or later.


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