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Autostart and auto login appgate client

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Auto starting and auto connecting the AppGate client


It is possible to automatically launch the AppGate client as soon as the user logs in to his Windows session. It is also possible to make the AppGate client connect it self to a predefined AppGate server.  By either using the Kerberos as authentication method, the user could be authenticated using the Windows domain login credentials, which would result in a complete login without any user interaction. 
An other apporach is to use a public key; once you have generated the key-pair on the local user on the appgate, copy the private key to the machine for the login.

Automatically launch the client

Assuming that the AppGate client is installed and you have a Short cut on the desktop. Simply drag the short cut to Start menu -> All Programs -> Startup

Automatically initiate connection

Right click on the AppGate short cut (in the Startup menu) and select Properties. In the Target field add the AppGate server name or IP number at the end.

Providing the Username

Login manually with the client by setting the aimed username and the authentication method of your choice (Kerberos or Private Key).
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