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Can I email Reports from Compliance Sheriff?

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Q - Can I email Reports from Compliance Sheriff?

A - Yes, through the use of 'Notifications' as illustrated below:

Notifications are a powerful feature of Compliance Sheriff, as they provide the report recipient not only with a customized report, but a customized repor that provides links to the "Rendered View" and "Code Source" view of each issue. It is not uncommon for organizations then to have various content owners to work directly from the emailed reports themselves!

To create a notification:

1. Click on the "Notifications" tab from within Compliance Sheriff.
2. Select a "View" to link to this notification from the drop down list:

Notifications Screenshot

3. In the "send to" field, enter the email addresses of the recipients (seperated by a comma)
4. Choose your schedule , or, choose the option to have these sent after the scan has run
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