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Citrix and Terminal Server Module AppGate (classic)

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Citrix and Terminal Server Module must be used with AppGate (classic) 11.0 or newer.

It is now possible to control user traffic using AppGate (classic) from multi-user machines, such as Citrix or Terminal Servers in much the same way as we do for single user machines. Previously this was only possible using port forwards; now it is possible to do this when using IP Tunnelling as well.

Access from the terminal server into the trusted network must be very open with minimal firewall rules in place to allow for all the differing use cases and user profiles. With people sharing the same machine it is not possible to use firewalls effectively to provide network segmentation! The new Citrix and Terminal Server module is able to recognize individual user’s network traffic on the terminal server and force the traffic through the user specific encrypted tunnel to the AppGate server where a firewall rule unique to that user is applied.

The users unique IP address is maintained on the network beyond the AppGate so it is now possible to:

* Set specific IP based conditional access on servers/systems

* Track a given users activity across the LAN based on their IP address

* Consolidate log and alert reports together in a meaningful way.

Windows Server 2008R2SP1 or later
AppGate Server V11.0 or later
AppGate IP Tunneling Driver [IPTD] from V11.0 or later

Pricing & more information
For more information or to evaluate AppGat (classic)'s Citrix and Terminal Server Module please contact:

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