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Typical URIs



A common error when defining a File Access component is that the workgroup is not specified in the File Access URI. If the server is not part of a domain, and the suffix of the host is different the workgroup name, you need to add the workgroup name.

From the manual:

  • URI: The server and path to the share to be mounted. Variable substitution is performed, see Section 4.6.1, “Attribute substitution in Components” for details. It is also possible to specify a Windows workgroup or domain here.

    The syntax for the URI is //domain:server/share, where the domain: part is optional.

For more information regarding the File Access Component see the manual under "4.6.12. File access" at


Reverse PTR


Another common problem is the DNS does not contain the reverse PTR in the reverse zone, pointing to the AppGate server and file server. These are needed for the SMB server and protocol to work properly.


Troubleshooting file access

It might happen that you are prompted with a password field when starting a fila-access component in the client. This can have many reasons for one is the above with reverse pointer. This issue and other symptoms not making file access to work will force you to collect and find data which points you in  the direction of the problem:
  1. Set ag_filesysd and ag_userd into debug mode, reproduce the issue look for clues in the debug log
  2. Run a snoop on the traffic between appgate and the file server, reproduce and analyze the capture in wireshark; look for clues in the packets.
  3. Unmount, with 'umount <path>' manually a mounted filesys which failed to unmount (could be the reason not mounting). Then try to mount the fileaccess manually from a console on the server with the 'mount' command. 
Now the last point is probably the most straight forward and reveals issues which are not related to the component configuration. Use the 'mount' command which is revealed in the debug log, and tweak it until it works manually. Note the command contains username and password; you can also skip the password and type it when prompted (good test to verify any internal race condition).
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