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Compliance Sheriff Proxy Configuration

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A general rule for Compliance Sheriff is that “Any Web Content the Service Account can access through a web browser can be scanned with Compliance Sheriff”. If the content cannot be reached directly from the server then a client side tool may be needed.  

Sometimes the service account can access the web content through a web session, but yet the content cannot be scanned. This is usually due to specific proxy server settings, which may need to be added to the HiScan engine configuration.  

If your uncertain if a proxy server is in use or not, you can log into the Compliance Sheriff Worker server and:

1. Open IE

2. From the “Menu” select “Tools”

3. Then Select the “Connections” tab

4. On this page select “LAN Settings”

5. If either “Use Automatic Configuration Script” or “Proxy Server” have information, we may need to add this information to the HiScan config file.
To do so:

1. Locate the HiScan.config file, located by default in C:\ProgramFiles(86)\Cryptzone\ComplianceSheriff\Worker
Right click the file and edit with a tool such as Notepad

HiScan exe config screenshot

2. For a direct proxy server connection, set the full proxy URI (including the port used) directly in the configuration file using ‘proxyaddress’, like so:
<proxy usesystemdefault="true" proxyaddress= /> </defaultProxy>

3.  Or, if a Script is being used to connect:
Proxy Auto-Config or redirection (PAC) file
If a PAC file for proxy redirection is implemented, use the scriptLocation option to define the name and location of this file.  
<defaultProxy enabled="true">
<proxy usesystemdefault="true" scriptLocation="http://PAClocation/proxy.pac" />

For more information please refer to the installation guide or feel free to ask for assistance through the customer support portal.

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