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Compliance Sheriff Scans abort with error message "The File Exists"

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Issue – scans error out with “The File Exists”. This error happens when a Windows temp file cannot be written to a directory because it is full. This message actually comes from the Operating System itself, and in this case, the error is a result of a specific directory having reached a Windows limit of 65,000. 
Resolution -- 
On your Compliance Sheriff "Worker" server, locate the following Windows directory (substituting "your serviuce account with the actual sevice account that runs your Compliance Sheriff application,, i.e, the "app pool ID)
and delete all of the files within this folder. You may want to write a script to routinely clean this directory if your Compliance Sheriff farm is heavily utilized.

Article Info
2/9/2017 10:04 PM
2/9/2017 10:04 PM



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