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Compliance Sheriff Toolbar Add-on is showing as Incompatible

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After installing IE Toolbar for Internet Explorer 11 you get the status Incompatible for the Script recorder Add-on.
Verify Status of the Script Recorder Add-on:
  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools, and then tap or click Manage Add-ons.
  3. Verify the Status for the Script Recorder Add-on if status is reported as Incompatible re the resolution section in this article
For Versions 4.2 and Lower

For Versions 4.3 and above

The reason that you get status Incompatible is that Cryptzone has used some features that is Incompatible with Enhanced Protection Mode in Internet Explorer 11
We do not have any newer versions at this time.


There is two possible solutions for this issue
  1. Disable Enhanced Protection Mode in Internet Explorer 11 to do this follow this article from Microsoft it is written for Windows 8 but the procedure is the same for Windows 7
  2. If your organization does not allow you to disable Enhanced Protection Mode in Internet Explorer 11 then Cryptzone Recommends you to use Selenium IDE in Firefox. Selenium IDE is a much more powerful script engine and can do many things that the IE toolbar can not.

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