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Compliance Sheriff Verbose Installation Logging

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ComplianceSheriff Local Scan Agent Verbose Logging


Compliance Sheriff is a .net web application with many moving parts associated with it, and thus, sometimes it may be useful to log the installation process for more detailed information. Fortunately the procedure is fairly simple (and applies to the Local Scan Agent installation procedure as well).



Step 1. – Download the Compliance Sheriff exe file to a folder on your local hard drive.

Step 2. – Open folder, then click “Shift” + Right click on mouse at the same time, select “Open command window from here”.

Shift and Right click Screenshot


Step 3. – From the command line, type the first three letters “Com”, then hit the “tab” key, so that you see “ComplianceSheriff.exe”

Step 4. – Append to your command line command the following syntax -- /Verbose”C:\Install.log”

Note -- (you may name the log file anything), see my example below:

CMD Screenshot

Step 5. – Run through the installation as normal, and locate your log file once the install has completed.

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