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Compliance Sheriff Web application generates HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

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Compliance Sheriff Web application generates "HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable."
Reference: ComplianceSheriff 4.2.x-4.3


When browsing to the Compliance sheriff web application you receive the error

"HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable."



The HTTP 503 error code,  "Service Unavailable",  indicates that the IIS application pool _application service), is not running as expected. This can be due to many reasons,  most commonly:

  • Service account used for the Complianc Sheriff Application pool is no longer valid (invalid password, locked out, etc.). This results with an application pool that is unable to start.

  • Compliance Sheriff application pool is unable to run the application due to missing components within IIS. This scenario results with an appliation pool that is running, but without all of the necessary framework.



To resolve this issue make sure that the service account running Compliance Sheriff is valid, and that the application pool has been updated with the new password. ** Note -- although you may be using a domain account as your Compliance Sheriff service account, the password is cached within IIS and will need to be updated manually. Along with the application pool, the two scheduled tasks that run Compliance Sheriff will also need to be updated:

  • Controller Server -->  Scheduled task -->  “Compliance Sheriff ControllerAgent”
  • Worker Server(s) --> : Scheduled task -->  "Compliance Sheriff WorkerAgent”

  • Web Server: --> IIS Manager --> ComplianceSheriff Application pool (update this to specifcally address the 503 service error -- (See below):


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Step 2:

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 Step 3:
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