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Control AppGate (classic) daemons on the command line

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In earlier versions V9.x.y you need to increase loglevel manually on the terminal as root, which now is done in the AppGate (classic) console. Sometimes one still need to run it on the command line, either for convenience or to get specific debug out print.

Note: restarting a daemon might result in user disruption.

Stop, start a deamon service:

   /etc/init.d/<ag_daemon> stop|start

Collect logging information while trying tracking down an issue

    • Stop the dameon service
    • Sart the binary as:
   /opt/APPGserv/sbin/ag_<daemon> -d -v -v -v -v > /tmp/debug_daeomon
  • Now collect the info.
  • Once you got the infortmation, press ctrl+c to end it
  • Start the deamon again as a service 

Use the debug_daemon file for analysis.

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