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The client debug log provides information regarding the client side, and contains important information for troubleshooting client side issues with the appgate client.

General procedure

  1. Restart (cold start) the client machine.
  2. Start the appgate client.
  3. Perform the steps below.
  4. Connect to the server and reproduce the issue.
  5. Analyze the file or submit it to support for further analysis.

If you do not succeed with the reproduction of the issue right away, redo procedure until succeeded.

Steps to enable debug output into file

In the AppGate client click on "Connection> Preferences...". A dialog with preference opens. Click on the tab "Advanced" in it. In the textfield "Debug level" type '10' and then press on the button "Open debug window".

User-added image

When the debug window was opened you must close the "Preferences window". 

Now in the debug window, do: "File> Capture To File" and give a location and filename.

User-added image


Now you are good to reproduce the issue. Once you reproduced the issue do

  • File > Close.

You can analyse and submit the log file for further troubleshooting.

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