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Cryptzone's support for McAfee OTP - End of Life notice

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For many years the AppGate Security Server has been offered with the option of McAfee (formerly Nordic Edge) OTP two factor authentication. This has provided an 'on board' Radius server which has been used with OTPs sent by SMS, generated by tokens or a phone app.

From the 31st October 2015 the McAfee OTP option will no longer be supported by Cryptzone.

Any existing users will be able to continue to use the OTP functionality as the installed license remains valid. Customers using the SMS service will also be able to continue to use this service until such time as their individual contract expires or the number of SMS purchased within that contract are consumed.

Existing customers have 3 options:

Customers wishing to continue to use McAfee OTP after this time should approach McAfee directly or a McAfee reseller for both software support or the SMS service.

The AppGate server is designed to work with most Radius compatible OTP systems - so should be able to be configured to work with any suitable 'off board' alternative.

Cryptzone will be offering customers a free 'on board' alternative for their OTP solution during summer 2015.

Cryptzone will be renewing any support contracts falling due between now and 31st September 2015 however such contracts will only run until 31st October 2015 and will be priced on a pro-rata basis according to their duration as a whole number of months.

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4/30/2015 2:48 PM
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