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End Of Life for Cryptzone Simple Encryption Platform

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Cryptzone is refocusing resources on continued development of our primary differentiated solutions in the areas of Network Security, Data Security and Web Compliance. As part of this product strategy, Cryptzone is announcing an End of Life for Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) including eUSB, Secure Email, eFile, eCollaboration, eFolder and eMail Gateway.

Effective 7th of July 2016, SEP is now in maintenance mode. No new functionality will be offered and patches and updates will be issued only for bug fixes or security updates. Effective July 1, 2017 SEP will reach End of Life (EOL). No support or product updates will be offered beyond this date.

Especially with eCollaboration Cryptzone provides an excellent migration opportunity with Security Sheriff as path forward. Security Sheriff is the best solution on the market for securing unstructured content in the Microsoft stack (SharePoint, O365 and FileShares).

For other SEP modules, please review your requirements with your customer representative to determine if a migration path to Security Sheriff makes sense.  In addition, you may want to consider other vendor options, including:
  • Sophos – Sophos SafeGuard offers encryption of data on laptops, mobile, cloud, or file shares and manages Microsoft BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault
  • Microsoft – Bitlocker Drive Encryption encrypts data stored on Windows operating system volume
  • Lumension – Lumension Device Control offers FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated encryption of data on removable media.  Lumension also offers Lumension Disk Encryption and Lumension Endpoint Security Xpress. 
Please reach out to our customer success team for more information.


Jason Garbis
VP of Products, Cryptzone
Article Info
7/8/2016 8:19 AM
7/8/2016 8:19 AM



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