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Edit the Secured eMail template for GC when email is missing

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When accessing Secured eMail in Global communication your users can in some cases see the screen below when the SEP-server for some reason cannot access a Secured eMail: 


User-added image


There are many possible reasons as to why this can happen and the most common one in our experience is that the "mail provider" sometimes have a delay of 1-2 minutes (or more) before the email actually is available in the mailbox for the SEP-server to fetch and display. To test simply wait for up to 10 minutes to verify that is the case. 


How to change the template
If you want to change the text and the display in this template, follow these steps: 

1. On SEP server machine go to: 
C:\Program Files\SEP Server\enterprise\Web\resources\1033\mail_not_found.xml 

2. Edit the text and information that you want to display. For instance that your users should wait for 5 minutes and hit F5 (refresh) and the Secured eMail will then be accessible. 

Please note that an upgrade of the SEP server will overwrite this template. Make a backup before upgrading! 

Therefore we urge you to take a backup of your customized template. Feel free to share your template with us so that we can share it with other Cryptzone users.

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