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Error 1920 Service Cryptzone SEP Server failed to start

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Article Number000001100

The SEP Installer fails to start the SEP-Service with following error, when the current user is local administrator:

Error 1920. Service Cryptzone SEP Server (sep$enterprise) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


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  • Check if your user has sufficient privileges to install the software.
  • It may also be a port issue.

SEP Service uses ports 8888 and 443 by default.

  • Check if any other programs (Like for example: IIS) runs on 8888 or 443. 

You can use command line and type in "netstat -an" can be used to check what ports are used. If these ports are not free, please change the SEP Server ports.

To change the SEP server ports:

Start the installer and see the error. Do not cancel installation.

Navigate to the installation directory, by default: c:\Program files\SEP Server\enterprise 

Open configuration.xml in a plain text editor, like notepad. (do not use Wordpad or Word)
Enter following values under Configuration tag, replace the port numbers with a free port.
Save the changes to configuration.xml.
Go to the installer error screen, click retry. Server should start normally.

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