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Exporting Results using exportcsv_moreadvancedoptions in Compliance Sheriff

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There are three options currently for exporting results from Compliance Sheriff. The first two involve simply using the "Export Results" feature under "More Options" from the scan page. The third option is hidden, and offers more advanced options, hence its name "exportcsv_moreadvancedoptions".

Although there is currently no visble button for this page within the UI of Compliance Sheriff (It is hidden OOTB), it is easy to access. Simply append "Exportcsv_Moreadvancedoptions.aspx" to your Compliance Sheriff URL, for example,  http://server.domain.local/compliancesheriff_demo/exportcsv_moreadvancedoptions.aspx,
and you should see the following


From this page you can then select an entire scan group, a specific view, any and all parameters associated with results, including the line and column numbers, even export specific data asociated with various Run times. For example, if you ran a scan last year, and wanted to export that data for a report, you could select the "Runs" time for that specific run.

Tip -- Save this page as a favorite in your browser for easy access. In a future relkease coming soon, this feature will be included from within the application. For more information please feel free to contact us in the support portal.
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2/2/2017 9:24 PM
2/2/2017 9:24 PM



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