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How To Recover From A Failed Upgrade

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Recover from failed installation or upgrade


The upgrade of Compliance sheriff failed and now Compliance Sheriff is in a non functional status.
The installation wizard will not provide upgrade scenario only uninstall.

If an upgrade fails Compliance sheriff install wizard will not be able to determine in what state the current installation is in therefore only uninstall option will be provided.

Note: The install wizard never changes any customer data so their is normally no risk of losing historical data or configuration as long as the backup and restore process is followed.


If this happens the only option is to completely reinstall Compliance sheriff.
To recover from a failed upgrade scenario please follow the install the KB How to backup and restore Compliance Sheriff


Affected Versions

Compliance Sheriff 4.3
Compliance Sheriff 5.x

Article Info
2/21/2017 7:50 AM
10/24/2017 6:56 AM



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