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You need to move the database that is connected to the SEP Server from one SQL server to another server.

Please follow these steps to do a complete move.

1. Stop the SEP Server Service on the server where you have installed SEP.

2. Make a backup of the current SEP database at your SQL server. Instructions how to create a backup can be found at

3. Detach the SEP database. Instructions can be found at

4. Move the backup file to the new SQL server.

5. Restore the backup file at the new SQL server. Instructions can be found at

6. Go to the server where SEP is installed and start up the SEP Server Service.

7. Start the SEP Management Console.

8. A window will appear asking you to define where the SEP database is located. Type in hostname, database name and authentication. Press Next when you are done.

9. The SEP Management Console will start up and the move is now completed.
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3/16/2015 3:23 PM
3/16/2015 3:23 PM



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