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How do I scan beyond a Login page?

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How To Scan Beyond a Login Page

In order to run a scan against content that lies beyond an authentication page, such as a login portal, a transaction script is needed. Compliance Sheriff currently leverages two tools for transaction scripts, the "IE Toolbar" and "Selenium Scripts". First from within a scan page, open the "Transaction Scripts" area as shown below:

Transaction Script section of the Scan Page

Next choose either the "IE Toolbar" or "Firefox-based external recorder". From here you may drop your selenium script in, or, if using the IE Toolbar, a script will be automatically populated. Save the scan, and when the scan is run the Compliance Sheriff scan engine will follow the steps in your script.
For More guidance using either of these tools, please refer to the "Help" guide found in the top right comer of the scan page:

Help Button is located at the top right corner of most pages in Compliance Sheriff



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