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How is the Compliance Sheriff Health Score Calculated?

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What is the Compliance Sheriff Health Score?
The Compliance Sheriff score is meant to be a high level gauge that helps track your progress through remediation. It is by noi means a score that relates to a specific Compliance Standard (aka checkpoint group). An easy way to visualize this conecpt is to imagine a scan that has 3 or 4 checkpoint groups selected for a particular scan. when that scan has compleed, you'll have a single health score for that scan.

Why Use the Health Score?
The Compliance Sheriff health score provides a nice high level gauge, that will imporve overtime through the remediation process and from the removal of false positives. Like everything else in Compliance Sheriff it is completely customizable. For example, the "priority level" on each checkpoint page can be set to a 1,2, or 3. A prioirty level of "1" will weigh heavier than that of a "3".

How is the Compliance Sheriff health Score Calculated?
Health % is a score calculated from fails, warnings, and visual checks weighted accordingly with a priority level of 1-3. (A Priority level for a specific checkpoint can be set within each checkpoint page itself). The actual algorithm is listed below.

This is the current calculation:

6 / ({# pages failing a Priority 1 checkpoint} + 9) + 2 / ({# pages failing a Priority 2 checkpoint} + 9) + 1 / ({# pages failing a Priority 3 checkpoint} + 9)

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