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How to Exclude Urls from a Link Validation Scan

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You get false positives for Google Tag manager or other links with the failure
"One or more broken links found: (404) Not Found" for Checkpoint 1.0 Validate all links in the Site Quality - Link Validation checkpoint group.


General information:

In some scenarios you can get false positives in the link validation checkpoint for URL related to Google Tag Manager.
This as the link that is used in google tag manager will not respond with a proper HTTP 200 response when the link validation verifies that the link is valid.
This is by design by Google so Compliance Sheriff needs to ignore these links to avoid false positives.

Solution: Create a new link validation checkpoint

  1. Navigate to the Checkpoint tab.
  2. In the search bar type in Validate all links.
  3. Open the Checkpoint SiteQuality 1.0 Validate all links.
  4. Change module to Custom.
  5. Change Number to 1.0 IgnoreLinks.
  6. Change description to Validate all links with IgnoreLinks.
  7. Click to select the checkbox Use Script Editor.
  8. Paste the following text into the the rules field.
        ForEachLink -
    IfURL ContainsAnyOf %IgnoreLinks%
        Pass Link Ignored due to Ignore Policy
IfLinkValid One or more broken links found: %error%
          Pass No broken links found
Fail One or more broken links found: %error%
NA No links found
  1. Click on Save As New.
  2. Click on the Groups Tab.
  3. Search for Link Validation.
  4. Open the Checkpoint Site Quality - Link Validation.
  5. Update The Short description section to Custom - Link Validation with IgnoreLinks.
  6. In the Checkpoints section.
    1. Deselect the default Site quality 1.0 -Validate all links checkpoint.
    2. Search for Validate all links with IgnoreLinks.
    3. Select the new checkpoint Custom 1.0 IgnoreLinks - Validate all links with IgnoreLinks.
  7. Click on Save As new.
  8. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  9. Click on User agents, variables & key attributes.
  10. Scroll to the bottom in the list of user variables and add a new row with the value
  11. Update your scans to use the new Custom 1.0 IgnoreLinks - Validate all links with IgnoreLinks checkpoint group.
If you would like to add any additional URLs that is to be ignored by the custom link validation just update the IgnoreLinks variable, each URL must be separated with a comma

Note: Cryptzone does not recommend that you modify the out of the box checkpoints as these might get overwritten back to original configuration on the next upgrade of Compliance Sheriff.
Instead we recommend use the process as described above to create custom checkpoints and checkpoint groups as these will not be modified during any upgrade.

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