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Article Number000001109

To change the logo for Global Communication, simply go to SEP-server installation directory the default is: C:\Program Files\SEP Server\enterprise\Web

We have placed a document in that folder "How to customize the logo.rtf”.
The information in that document is the same as follows:

You can customize and put your own company’s logo to Global Communication web pages. To have a custom logo instead of the default one, you need to put a proper image into a specific folder.

File Location
Default logo is named as cryptzone.gif and you can find it under /static/custom/ folder. When you create a new logo, you need to name it as custom.gif and put it under the same /static/custom/ folder right next to the default logo file. You do not need to delete the default logo file. When you put a proper image to the /static/custom/ folder, then it is automatically displayed.

File Types
Default logo is in (.gif) format; however the custom logo does not need to be in (.gif) format. You can have the custom logo in (.jpg) and (.png) format as well. If you have a logo in format other than (.gif) you have to rename it accordingly as custom.gif, custom.jpg or custom.png.

File Dimensions
Default logo has dimensions of 177 x 40 pixels. There is actually no limit for dimensions but any custom logo with dimensions so much different than the default one might not be displayed all right. It is recommended have a width not exceeding 180 pixels and a height not exceeding 60 pixels.

File Size
There is no limit in file size but a larger file size would probably cause longer load times. So keeping the file size of the logo not exceeding than 20 KB is recommended.


How to change text and layout - [NOT RECOMMENDED]
To change text and layout needs more work than to change the logo. You would have to edit translation files (xml files) for texts and template files for layout.

Please note: Text & layout customization will be overridden every time when SEP-server is updated.

Which means that for every SEP-Server update, you will have to backup those files, and also assuming that those files are included in the new release.

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