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For various reasons you might want to create a local user in SEP MC (Management Console). For example, an external user that you do not want to add to your AD and this user should be able to consume and create Secured information for an extended period of time perhaps a consultant. 

A local user can be used in the same way as an imported user except for windows authentication and EPM. Local users can also be used for Secured eCollaboration Service account, or Secured eMail Gateway service account.

1.Enterprise management tab - right click add users

In SEP MC > goto Enterprise management tab. Click on All users to expand and right click on Local users. A menu will appear, click on Add New Users.


User-added image

2. Fill in credentials

Fill in First Name, Last name, Email, username and password. Press finish once done.


User-added image

3. The user is now added

The user is now in the SEP Management Console. 

User-added image

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