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This FAQ explains how How to customize RBE admin privileges for Secured eCollaboration, from version 4.14 and newer:

1. In SEP Management Console go to Administration/Security Roles.

2. Click add new security role

3. Give it a name: for example : RBE admin for SharePoint sales site 
  User-added image

4. Click Add New Privilege - a new window will open up

5. Click Add URL Target button

6. A new window will open up: 
  User-added image

7. Input the site address that the RBE admin should be able to manage.

If you want RBEadmin to be able to manage subsites of the site, add a star (*) example:
You can add how as many URL targets you like.

8. Click OK.

We must now add an “action” to the “target”.
9. Under action, to the right, click the dropdown menu and select eCollaboration rbe admin action
10. Click OK and click Apply

11. Go to Enterprise Manager and find the user

12. Assign the role under Security roles by right clicking on that user, select user properties. A new window will open up.

13. Go to Security Roles tab, under Assigned Roles tick the role that you have created and click Apply. 

  User-added image

You can of course also assign this role to a group (AD or custom group) and then
and then just drag and drop those that should have the role to the group.

If you forget to assign this to a user and then try to click to manage rules, this is the error that you will receive:
Site not found by eCollaboration!
Please make sure SharePoint site ( is imported and synchronized with SEP Server successfully

SEP Request for 'CheckPrivilegeOnActorResponse' has failed due to following error: "ITEM_NOT_FOUND).

See image:

User-added image
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