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How to decrypt Secured eMails

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How to decrypt Secured emails 

There is a difference when decrypting Secured eMails compared to Secured eUSB and Secured eFile. The reason is different protection methods. 


There are different archiving options for Secured emails to be able to decrypt them:  

  • Either create a local copy using SEP -client protection method or
  • Automatically decrypt the Secured email once they are sent and/or received. This will enable your users to find the emails content in search at a later time.
  • Store copies in "other" special folders for archiving options

Storing confidential emails in clear text is off course an increased security-risk and decision that has to be aligned with your organizations security policy. Once decided, you can set it on a user level or on a policy level (policies can be 
applied to both users and groups) 


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No protection methods for Secured eMail

  • There are no master password for Secured eMail but if Secured Groups are used, the Secured Groups shared secret can be used  to decrypt the secured email.  
  • There are no recovery passwords for Secured eMail If password is lost the email is lost. Usually the shared secret per contacts can be found in the SEP-client if that is enabled in policy. 
  • The reason for this is that Secured eMail is designed to be stand-alone from Server interaction. 
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