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How to disable VBscript from being created

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The SEP-client use this temp location to (C:\Users(LOGGED IN USER)\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpefef) to store files while securing and un-securing on desktop and from SharePoint. After the securing or un-securing operation is done the SEP-Client immediately delete the temporary files. In some rare cases (e.g. Force shutdown), some files are left in the temp location.


Therefore as a precaution the SEP-client creates a VBS script during startup that will clean-up that temp location. 
System Startup/SEP client creates the VBS script/VBS runs/VBS deletes itself

From SEP-client the VBscript will have the same name every time, and you also have the option to disable the VBscript generation so it does not create VBscript every startup.


How to disable it:

Open up the Registry editor:

Go to:

  2. Right click and create DWORD (32 bit) Value

User-added image

  1. Give this DWORD the name: flag_cz_no_create_vbs
  2. Set its value data to: 1

User-added image

To test that it works go to task manager and restart the process called: CZ_monitor (Win7) or Cryptzone Monitoring Service (Win8)

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