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How to exclude .js links from Compliance Sheriff Link Validation Scans

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How to exclude .js links from your Link Validation Scans

Ignore Script Links
Another way to remove specific links, in this case "javascript" links from link validation scans, is by adding a specfic setting to your Compliance Sheriff instance. This setting, once applied, will be visible under the "Settings" tab, under "System Configuration". It we be called "Ignore Script Links" and can be toggled via a checkbox.

Implementation of this setting will require physical access to the server if self hosted (hosted within your environment), or will require you to alert us through support if you are hosted by us. The one time procedure is as follows:

1. On the Compliance Sheriff server, locate the "HiScan.Config.xml" file located within the application directory, which by default is here:

2. Open the file using a text editor such as notepad.

3. Add the following key
<addkey="IgnoreScriptLinks" value="true" />

HiScan Config Screenshot

*** please enter the key exactly as its shown, it is case sensitive

4. Save the file

Once this setting has been implemented, you'll see the following under "System Configuration":

Ignore Script Links Screenshot

If this setting has been checked, then .js links will be ignored from future link validation scans. This setting may be toggled on or off by checking\unchecking this box.

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