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Secured eMail offers seamless email encryption simply by clicking on the Send Secured button in Outlook. It works as easy as this: 


Global Communication - no password needed

With Global Communication enabled, users are not prompted for the Shared Secret (in encryption: the symmetric key).



For some reason your users are now being asked for the Shared Secret, even though you have enabled Global Communication:


User-added image



There might be several reasons.

SEP client lost connection?

The most common one is that the SEP-client has lost connection to the SEP-server. Simply re-sync the SEP-client, explained here

SEP-server cannot be reached?

If the SEP-server cannot be reached, please verify firewall settings, that you have the correct ports open and that the SEP-server can be reached from the client machine. If this does not solve the issue you might have a settings problem. 

Go to the SEP-server and make sure that you have configured he following: 

  • Public URL - should be accessible from the Internet.
  • SMTP: Hostname, port, username, password needed for registration, password activation/ reset and Global Communication – replying from web.
  • Exchange: an account Hostname, Username, Password
  • Secured Group 
  • Create and add all users (by drag and drop to the Secured Group) and in the external tab for Secured Group add *@*
  • Templates 
  • Secured Reply, (in SEP MC: configuration/Web/Secured eMail) 
  • Activation Templates (in SEP MC: configuration/Web/Secured eMail)
  • User Activation Template and
  • User Password Reset Template Default Web Reply (in SEP MC/policies/yourcompanypolicy/application settings/secured email)
  • Certificate - a valid and trusted server certificate that matches the assigned domain name (otherwise your users will get certificate warning)


Are SEP-clients allowed to generate shared secrets? 
Please also note that there is a setting in the Management Console for not allowing client generated Shared Secrets. To remove this functionality please go to: 
SEP Management Console: Policies/select your policy/Editor tab/Settings/Secured eMail/Shared Secret and under: Secured eMail Shared Secret Creation tick: Do not allow user or client generated secrets.

User-added image

If you still have issues after verifying these settings, please contact Cryptzone Professional Services team. 



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