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Increase Compliance Sheriff Scanning Performance with Bulk Insert

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Increase Compliance Sheriff Scanning Performance by configure Bulk Insert.

Compliance Sheriff can utilize the functionality in SQL Server called Bulk Insert to increase the scannig performance.
This can in some scenarios dramatically increase the performance of a scan.
Do the following to configure Bulk Insert in your Compliance Sheriff installation.




  1. On your SQL Server create a Folder named BulkInsert.
    Ensure that the account running SQL server and the account running the Compliance Sheriff services has full control on this new folder.
    This Folder can be created on any server and be named anything.
    But for best performance and reduced network traffic it should be created on the SQL server.

  2. Create a File Share named BulkInsert from the new folder.
    Ensure that the account running SQL server and the account running the Compliance Sheriff services has full control on the file share.

  3. On your server running the Controller agent role navigate to
    C:\ProgramData\Cryptzone\ComplianceSheriff\customers\<CustomerName> and open the file HiScan.config.xml
    The folder can be located elsewhere depending on your installation.

  4. Add the two following rows to HiScan.config.xml
    <add key="BulkInsertRemotePath" value="<LocalPath on SqlServer>" />
    <add key="BulkInsertLocalPath" value="<\\SQLServer\bulkinsert>" />

    Where the value of BulkInsertRemotePath is the path used by SQL server to access the BulkInsert folder and the value of BulkInsertLocalPath is the path used by the worker agent
    Example of configuration.
    <add key="BulkInsertRemotePath" value="E:\BulkInsert" />
    <add key="BulkInsertLocalPath" value="\\SQLServer\bulkInsert" />

  5. Save and close the HiScan.config.xml

  6. Restart the Compliance Sheriff Worker Agent service.


Verify that bulk Insert configuration is working properly

  1. Start a new scan.

  2. Click in the status column for the scan in question.

  3. among the first rows in logging events you will see a message "Using Bulk insert:True" that confirms that bulk Insert is configured

Affected Versions:

Compliance Sheriff 4.3
Compliance Sheriff 5.x

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3/27/2017 7:15 AM
3/27/2017 7:16 AM



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