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Users gets a trial reminder, even though they are assigned a license, Secured eMail example: 


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To verify that the issues is related to license: 

Open the SEP-client - right click on the icon in Systems tray, select settings 

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Once the SEP-Client appears, click on the License Information Tab,

Under License Information tab user gets a red text that tells me that "this licence is inactive". 

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The reason for this is that the SEP-client will default to "trial-mode" if it does not find a valid license. 



Follow these steps: 

1. Correct Bitness?

Make sure that you have installed a 32bit SEP-client on a 32 bit OS and 64-bit Client if you are running a 64-bit OS. 

2. License assigned to the user? 

Make sure that the user have been assigned a license in SEP Management Console 

3. Bind the profile

Make sure that the Profile is bound to the sep server. - SEP Client Settings /Proile management - the Remote Profile is Highlighted in BOLD and when you highlight it you se the UnBind button. 


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4. Is the SEP-client synced?

Make sure that the SEP client is synced to the SEP server SEP Client Settings / Profile Management 

5. Can the machines communicate?

Make sure that SEP server can talk (ping/putty similar) to SEP client machine and vice versa. 

6. Latest software version?

Make sure you have the latest version of SEP server, SEP MC and SEP Client. 

7. Do you have an "online license" (only older customers) 

Make sure that you have a SEP Server Offline license. If you have an SEP-online license, please visit this FAQ: have a SEP-server Online license and SEP-client license is inactive 

8. Clear the Local SEP client database 

The SEP client has a database stored in: 
Windows XP - C:\documents and settings\application data\SEP Client\profile.semdb 
Windows Vista/7 - C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\SEP Client\ profile.semdb 

Everything the SEP client needs for operating without the SEP-Server is stored here. The smart design of Simple Encryption Platform has also this users information stored in the Central Server Database, therefore it is harmless to rename it since next sync will download all license information locally. 

Sign out from the SEP Client and rename the file to profile.semdb.old and then make a new connection to SEP server 


Other possible causes:

Verify the username and email in SEP vs AD. 
Please note that this also might be related to wrongful sync on the SEP server, for instance that a user in AD is created with an email with spaces surname instead of then the user will might get an error 

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