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Manage iDRAC settings from the AppGate (classic) command line

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Loginto your AppGate (classic) cluster and open a terminal window, then become root. All the functionality to show or change configuration is done through the command line utility



The following examples assume the iDRAC is on channel 1 (which is almost always the case).

Show current settings for LAN:

ipmitool lan print


Set the IP address, netmask and default gateway 


ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr <ipaddress>
lan set 1 netmask <netmask>
lan set 1 defgw ipaddr <ipaddress>


Manage current users:

ipmitool user list 1

ipmitool user list 1

outputs something like:

ID  Name             Callin  Link Auth  IPMI Msg   Channel Priv Limit
2   root             true    true       true       ADMINISTRATOR

Setting new password for user iDRAC user root:

ipmitool -v user set password <ID> <password>

example, change the above root accounts password:

ipmitool -v user set password 2 changeme

For more information run ipmitool, man ipmitool.

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