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Populate accessibility statistics summery in a view

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Populate accessibility statistics summery in a view

To populate the statistics summery table in a view you need to ensure that the following checkpoints are a part of the the scan.
  • Accessibility 1.1.1 All IMG elements are required to contain either the ALT or LONGDESC attribute
  • Accessibility 1.1.3 All OBJECT elements are required to contain element content
  • Accessibility 1.1.4 All APPLET elements are required to contain both element content and the ALT attribute
  • Accessibility 1.1.6 All IFRAME elements are required to contain element content
  • Accessibility 1.2.1 Locate any IMG element that contains the ISMAP attribute
  • Accessibility 1.3 Provide auditory description for multimedia presentations
  • Accessibility 6.3.4 When SCRIPT elements are used, the NOSCRIPT element is required in the page
  • Accessibility 6.3.8 All pages that have links to files that require a special reader or plug-in are required to contain the specified text indicating a link to the reader or plug-in
  • Statistics 2.0 Identify tables with summaries and captions
  • Statistics 5.1 Identify forms with unlabelled controls
  • Statistics 5.2 Identify forms not using TABINDEX attributes
  • Statistics 5.3 Identify forms not using ACCESSKEY attributes

Here are 2 examples on how to ensure that you have these checkpoints in your scan.
1. Ensure that the following checkpoint groups are selected in your scan

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and Accessibility Statistics.

2. Create an new checkpoint group that contains only the checkpoints above. please referee to the help guide on how to create a new checkpoint group.

Affected Versions

Compliance Sheriff 5.x

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11/3/2017 10:47 AM
11/3/2017 10:52 AM



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