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SEP CZ_COM_SSLdll not registred properly

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In rare cases Windows are not registering Cryptzones COM dll (dynamic link library). Usually this results in an Connection error:

A problem occurred establishing conntection to the SEP server. Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.


And the user are unable to connect the SEP MC (Management Console) to the SEP-Server.

Since the dll are not properly registered in Windows, and SEP MC (Management Console) uses this dll to connect to the SEP-server, the connection cannot be made and we receive a connection error code. If management with HTTPS connection is enabled(not default) is enabled, you can connect to the SEP server. However if HTTPS is not enabled (not default) a connection can be made. The dll is installed is named: CZ_COM_SSL.dll and is by default located in: C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Cryptzone

There are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. Re-start the server - since this is a windows error this will solve the issue.
  2. Re-register the DLL using regsvr (Microsoft Register Server).

How to re-register the dll using regsvr command:
1. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Cryptzone
2. Shift + right click to get a drop down menu

3. Select Open command window here (this can of course also be done by running command line and navigating to the folder)

4. A new command window will open up in the location

5. First: uninstall the dll. Write: regsvr32 /u CZ_COM_SSL.dll

6. Secondly re-installl the dll. Write: regsvr32 CZ_COM_SSL.dll press enter


7. A window prompt tells you that DllRegisterServer in CZ_COM_SSL.dll succeeded 


More information:

HRESULT is a data type used in many types of Microsoft technology. HRESULTs are used as function parameters and return values to describe errors and warnings in a program. An HRESULT value has 32 bits divided into three fields: a severity code, a facility code, and an error code. The severity code indicates whether the return value represents information, warning, or error. The facility code identifies the area of the system responsible for the error. The error code is a unique number that is assigned to represent the exception. Each exception is mapped to a distinct HRESULT.
Wikipedia HRESULT

Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) technology in the Microsoft Windows-family of Operating Systems enables software components to communicate. COM is used by developers to create re-usable software components, link components together to build applications, and take advantage of Windows services. COM objects can be created with a variety of programming languages. Object-oriented languages, such as C++, provide programming mechanisms that simplify the implementation of COM objects.
Microsoft tech about COM


regsvr32 (Microsoft Register Server) is a command-line utility in Microsoft Windows operating systems for registering and unregistering DLLs and ActiveX controls in the Windows Registry.

Example usage
regsvr32 shmedia.dll for registering a file
regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll for unregistering a file
If another copy of shmedia.dll exists in the system search path, regsvr32 may choose that copy instead of the one in the current directory. This problem can usually be solved by specifying a full path (e.g., c:\windows\system32\shmedia.dll) or using the following syntax:
regsvr32 .\shmedia.dll
Wikipedia Regsvr32


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