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Scan beyond a login page with Compliance Sheriff 4.3 or later with Selenium IDE

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How to scan behind a login page with Compliance Sheriff 4.3 or later with Selenium IDE.

In order to run a scan against content that lies beyond an authentication page, such as a login portal, a transaction script is needed. 
Starting from Compliance Sheriff V4.3 the default tool for recording transaction scripts is Selenium IDE.
For Instructions for installing Selenium IDE, see section Prerequisites for running Selenium IDE scripts in chapter 2 of the document Compliance Sheriff V4.3 User Guide.pdf.
  1. To start Selenium IDE do the following.
    1. Start Firefox
    2. Select Tools-Selenium IDE
      Tools-Selenium IDE
  2. Once Selenium IDE opens, type in the URL that you want to record for and click on the globe next to the URL bar.
    Selenium IDE Start Page
  3. Selenium IDE will now open up a new Tab in Firefox with the select page.
    This is your "active" page, or, the page that you will be recording steps on.
    Selenium IDE Scanned Pages
  4. Navigate to the desired login page and type in the credentials.
  5. After the recording press the Green arrow to reply the recorded script to verify that it works.
    Due to complexity of different sites, options for user names and password might need to be changed.
Selenium IDE Replay Button 
  1. To continue recording after a test run just press the red Recording button.
Selenium IDE Continue Recording
  1. To copy the recorded script click on the copy button next to the globe.
    Selenium IDE Copy Script
  2. A new window will open select all text and click on CTRL + C to copy the entire Script.
    Compliance Sheriff Add in
  3. Open Compliance sheriff and create a new empty scan and click on the Advanced button in the bottom of the page to show the advanced options.
    Compliance Sheriff scan page
  4. Paste the copied Script in to Transaction script text box.
Compliance Sheriff Transaction Script
      10. Click on Save to Save and close the edit scan page.
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