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Scheduling Sheriff SP work for after hours

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Scheduling Sheriff SP to work during a certain timeframe is possible, but it is not recommended.  Providing adequate resources for the software to run 24/7 without impacting end user experience is the recommended course of action.  Scheduling this work will leave content exposed from the time it is added or modified until the work is performed during the scheduled timeframe. 

If you’d still like to schedule work note that Sheriff SP work runs off of SharePoint Timer Jobs.  These Timer Jobs can be scheduled to run between certain hours, effectively scheduling the work.  However, note that once the job starts it will not stop at the assigned time if there is still work to be done.  This is by design as we presume customers want to ensure all work has been processed.  To fully stop the work from being performed once the jobs have started, you need to stop and restart the service.  Restarting the service ensures that Sheriff functionality (e.g. reporting, on demand scans, etc.) is available during the work day.  Restarting the service can be done programmatically and can be scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler to automatically stop and start the service before the start of business hours.
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