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Site Module Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use a multi-value user property in a dynamic access rule?Yes. Note that the condition editor is context based, and that selecting certain operators will limit user properties that can be selected. For example, If you choose the Equal operator then multi-values user properties cannot be selected.Dynamic Access
Can I apply a dynamic access rule across the entire farm?Yes.Dynamic Access
How can I define a dynamic access rule to apply for the entire farm?A dynamic access rule can only be applied to the entire farm from one site collection that has Site Sheriff activated on. Once that is done no other rules from other site collections can be made farm wide.Dynamic Access
When should I use an 'allow' dynamic access rule instead of a 'deny' and vice versa?Deny rules should only be used if the rule is absolute and for all time. If you need later to allow more access then you have to edit the deny rule and create exceptions, you would then need to do extensive testing to ensure you have not broken the original rule. If you know that there will be other conditions require to provide access then you should use the allow rules. Adding another allow rule means you don't have to go back and test the existing rules.Dynamic Access
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