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The credentials supplied to the package were not recognized

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After installing the SEP server can not be reached using HTTPS (using a webbrowser either https://servername and/or https://localhost).

When controlling the error logs on the SEP server (located in: C:\Program Files\SEP Server\enterprise\errors) we find the error code:

“The credentials supplied to the package were not recognized”


 SEP Server process cannot access one of the certificates in the certificate chain.


 Restart Windows. If it doesn't solve the issue, please follow the steps below.

 Adding the certificate to correct certificate store.

  1. Run “services.msc” to check identity of “Cryptzone SEP Server” service, noted under the “Logon As” column.
  2. Run “mmc”, from “File -> Add/Remove Snap in” add “Certificates” snap-in.
  3. If SEP Server service runs as “Local System”, then add snap-in for “Computer” account.
  4. If SEP Server service runs as an user, login the Windows with that user and then add snap-in for “My User” account.
  5. From left navigation, go to “Certificates -> Personal -> Certificates”, right click and select import. Import the SEP server certificate file, in PFX format (with private key). Note: SEP Server Certificate with Private Key can be exported  in PFX format using Management Console.
  6. Restart the windows.


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