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Upgrading to AppGate Classic 11.3 LTS or later

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Long Term Release (LTS) until EOL 31.12.2019

AppGate Classic, and its associated software products and components, are supported until the 31.12.2019. AppGate Classic 11.3 LTS and it's end of life announcement to customers has been published at October 10, 2017. Please read the official statement here:

After the EOL date, the AppGate Classic and it's associated products are not supported anymore. The 11.3 LTS is the last major version. AppGate Classic is in maintenance mode.

Preconditions when upgrading from 11.2.x to 11.3 LTS

Assure you have read all of the below and follow the guidelines and compatibility if present:

A note on customisations when upgrading from 11.2.x to 11.3 LTS

The upgrade to 11.3 LTS is a bit different than the usual upgrade. The usual upgrade creates first a file system clone from the existing root file system, then applies the upgrade to that clone. In the 11.3 LTS upgrade a new operating system is installed, and therefore does not create a clone from the existing  root file system. If you are using no customisations, the upgrade should work just fine.

However, during the usual upgrade, custom files, such as scripts and user crontab, have usually been preserved thanks to the file system cloning. In the 11.3 LTS upgrade such files are not preserved. You will need to add those manually again. The easiest way is to copy the files between the root partitions:

On the file system (ZFS) you can reach all the root file systems of all versions. This means you can copy the files from/to it. You find all root filesystem under:

The current root file system can be found by
>df -h | grep /$
/agpool/ROOT/root12     450G   2.5G       123G     3%    /

In the example above, the current root is 12. You can therefore access the previous root file system with all the files in it, 11, by the following:
>ls -l /agpool/ROOT/root11

To list all the existing root file system you can run 
> zfs list

Note: you can also see the list of root file systems in the AppGate Console under System Settings > File System Manager > click on "?" for one of the entries in the list.

Note: any future upgrade, from 11.3 LTS to later than 11.3 LTS, will be as usual again, no action regarding customisation will therefore needed.

New version scheme

AppGate Classic 11.3 LTS follows a new version numbering scheme. The version is always named 11.3 LTS. Since there will only be security patches and bugfixes, we will supply upgrades named with "uN", where N is the number of the upgrade. 


VersionRelease Date
11.3 LTS10 October 2017
11.3 LTS u119 December 2017

Upgrade from 11.2.x to 11.3 LTS u1

You can directly upgrade into this version from 11.2.x. Please assure you have read this article. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact support.

Upgrade from a version 11.3 LTS but earlier than 11.3 LTS u1

Choose this upgrade if you are on a 11.3 LTS version earlier than 11.3 LTS u1:

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