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Using the Compliance Sheriff Quick Start Dashboard Feature

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Using the Compliance Sheriff Quick Start Dashboard Feature

Compliance Sheriff now comes with a "Quick Start" section on the dashboard that allows new users to experience the feel and functionality Compliance Sheriff. When a user first logs in, they will see the following:

Compliance Sheriff Dashboard Screenshot

From within the Quickstart Section a user can add a "start URL", which will be the actual starting page of the scan. They can also choose a checkpoint group, select a page limit, and then click "scan" to run the scan. This scan will result with a Scan Summary report that can be viewed by clicking "View Result". This report can also be saved to the dashboard.

When should the "Quickstart" section be used?
While the Quickstart section provides a nice introduction for new users, it is really meant for new users. Real projects should be handled from within the "Scans" page, within Scan Groups. This way, "Views" and other important features of Compliance Sheriff can be properly utilized.

How can I adjust the checkpoint groups that are set to the "Quickstart" section?
Under "Settings", there is a new page entitled "Quick Start Compliance Modes" , which will allow you to save the specific checkpoint grups you would like your new users to use within the quickstart section:

Quickstart Compliance Modes under Settings

Can I remove the Quickstart section and save "Views" to my Dashboard instead?

Yes, the quickstart section can be hidden by clicking the small wheel icon at the top right of the dashboard section, and views may be saved by clicking the next icon located here:

Dashboard 3

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