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There are a couple of different options for archiving Secured eMails. Of course we recommend storing your Secured eMails encrypted in your mailbox to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the of the information which is the default option for Secured eMail. 

Store as unsecured? 
If you want to lover security you can however you can change the behavior to store both Secured eMails received and sent as unsecured emails or store them as unsecured copies in your email client OR at another location. This could be useful for "searchability" purposes, but will lower security. 

How to change archiving options: 
As a SEP administrator can go to the SEP management Console, Select: Policies, highlight your active policy, click the editor tab/Application Settings/Secured eMail/Archiving


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Archiving sent Secured eMails: 
Create a local copy in he location specified by the archiving option: there are 2 options: 

  • Encrypt the local copy using SEP Client protection method.
  • Do not encrypt the local copy

Store the Secured eMail unprotected in the users mailbox. The original secured email will be deleted (only works in Microsoft Outlook versions) 


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Archiving received Secured eMails

Cryptzone recommends to leave this settings as default. But if you want your sent emails content to be searchable, tick: Store the secured email unprotected in the users mailbox, please note that this only work in Microsoft Outlook.

The exact same settings is for received emails as well. 
Other options is to store copies of Secured eMail outside of your mail-client. This can be very useful for backup purposes. The options are: 

  • Roaming Profile folder
  • User profile's local data folder
  • Secured eMail folder in My documents.
  • At a specific location (specified by the administrator)

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All the settings above can be done on a policy level OR on a user level. It is always recommended to use policy since a user based approach will be much more time-consuming long term. 

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