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What happens if the SEP-server goes down

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If there are only one SEP-server the folliwing will happen:

  • no Sync jobs vill be made,
  • no real time changes.
  • users can only encrypt documents for themselves (not EPM)
  • no changes will be made to the access list of encrypted files.

If there are more than one SEP-server the following will happen:
SEP Clients and eCollaboration supports multiple SEP-server addresses. This means that if one SEP-Server goes down, the SEP-client and Secured eCollaboration will try the next SEP-server. This includes having the SEP client switching between multiple "SEP domains."

SEP-Server service set to restart
All SEP server services must be set to “restart” on failure settings. This is a setting in windows services (services.msc), select auto-recover (restart in case of crash) under the “recovery” tab.
Since there can be only one master server, there may be slight delay on AD synchronization if master server fails. But in the next restart, it will recover.

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