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What is Compliance Deputy?

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What is Compliance Deputy?
Designed to work with Compliance Sheriff®, Compliance Deputy is an on-demand browser-based solution that allows developers and content providers to test and repair content prior to publishing them into the production environment. It leverages the checkpoints and rules designed in Compliance Sheriff to test page content as it is being created to ensure only compliant content is published to live sites. Address web governance issues including privacy factors like personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), Web accessibility, site quality, offensive content and more.
How does it work?
Compliance Deputy is installed as a toolbar in Internet Explorer, and as an extension in both FF and Chrome. 

Compliance Deputy Screenshot
Configuration files (that are created within Compliance Sheriff) are loaded into the toolbar.  Compliance Deputy sits idle until it is triggered by clicking “Start Scan”. When you press this button, you initiate a scan against any content that is currently being presented from your client side browser at that moment. Below are a couple of use cases to demonstrate common usage scenarios:

Scenario 1:
You’re a web developer that just updated the “shopping cart” within your retail website. Traditional approaches would require that a transaction script is utilized to scan this page. This usually means that a scan and script that start from the beginning of a process be used, such as starting on the home page, selecting a product, then checking out etc…With Compliance Deputy you can simply select “Start Scan” and a report will be sent to you via a new web browser page in minutes! 
Compliance Deputy Report Example
Your current Accessibility project requires that you run WCAG 2.0 scans against your internal web pages. These pages all reside beyond multiple login screens. This would be another scenario that would require transaction scripts if testing directly from the Compliance Sheriff server (If it can even reach the target content..). With Deputy, whichever page is currently displayed in the browser at that moment can be scanned, even content that resides beyond login pages. The report can be viewed in minutes, and, the reports can even be combined within Compliance Sheriff if a more comprehensive report is desired! For example, many times it is much easier to take single page scans of a flow or process, such as purchasing a product, by taking single page scans with Deputy rather than by running and testing scripts.
For remediation, Compliance Deputy is priceless. Normal processes would require that the content owner log into Compliance Sheriff, or in many cases, contact the Compliance Sheriff user group to rerun the scans, and then wait for the subsequent reports. With Compliance Deputy, you can allow your content owners the the ability to scan pages any time they wish to check their work, and, allow them to work off the reports that were immediately produced directly within their client browser. This proves especially useful in pre-production environments, as well as within those settings where scripting may be required. For more information please refer to the attached user guide and if you are interested in a live web demonstration please contact us and we’ll be glad to set that up for your organization.
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