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What is the Private Password and what does it do

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Private Passwords is one of many options for protecting your confidential information. We call them "Protection Methods" and they are today:

  • Recovery Password
  • Private Password
  • Master Password
  • Ifilter key
  • Custom Password
  • EPM (Enterprise Protection Method)
  • Always secure for the selected users and grops
  • Let users select who to secure for

The private password is mainly for SEP-client

Private password is a user specified password which depending on the policy set in SEP Management Console does different things. On a SEP-client level – it is an additional security layer on the client. Default login to the SEP client is SSO (Single Sign-On) with Windows. SSO enables user to get full access to secured files, folders, mails and documents with one simple login into Windows.

With enabling Private password the user has to authenticate with the private password when he tries to access secured documents. This adds an additional layer of security to the solution.

Possible for Secured eUSB and Secured eFile

On a product level it can be enabled to protect Secured eUSB and Secured eFile, by prompting the user for the private password for encryption/decryption.

Examples of use cases for Private Password
User has specified a private password.
If the SEP-Admin activated private password in the policy for Secured eUSB and Secured eFile that  means that all files and all USB flash drives that these users secures also will be encrypted with the private password.


private password is a password used for several things. To reset a forgotten private password do the following:
1. Open SEP-Client settings
2. Click Private Private Password
3. Fill in the Master Password (or the Hash of the Master Password) and then type in the Private Password two times.

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