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When I Run a Scan it stays pending with the message: "This cluster has no active worker agents, please see your Administrator"

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What does "No Active Worker Agents Mean" ?

There are two Windows scheduled tasks that Compliance Sheriff uses to run scans: "HiController" (on the Controller Server), and "HiWorker" (on the Worker Server). Please make sure that both tasks are set to "Running" and not "Ready". You can find either of these tasks by first opening Windows Task Scheduler (on the appropriate server), then by selecting "Task Scheduler Library" in the left pane of Task Scheduler.

HiController and HiWorker as shown in Windows Task Scheduler

If you do need to set the tasks to "Running", please be sure to start  the Controller task first, followed by the Worker task. Because these tasks need to stay in a constant "Running" state, you may then need to check the properties of each Windows task, making sure that the default setting "Stop Task if Running longer than 3 days" is unchecked. 
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