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Issues when generating (log) reports using the console.

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Sometimes the console will not respond when trying to generate reports.
This is most often caused by the data set (log records) being too large to query.
This only happens on heavily loaded systems where there are mases of log records being written.
The recommendation is to reduce the 'Archive logs after' value to 90 or even 60 days.
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Once the size of the data set has been reduced (either manually or by the means above) try re-running the report and it should now work.

To reducde the size manually:
  • Create folder inside AppGate appliance
  • Stop ag_logad
  • move all the old logs files .gz to the folder
  • start ag_logad
Now try to generate the report.
If the problem still presists then follow the same procedure again but move additional files such as .locations, .session, queue_local... etc  and then start ag_logad.

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5/25/2016 12:59 PM
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